Residents will be given the opportunity to play their part in the public debate about Dee House by contributing online to the discussion ahead of next week’s special event.

Chester Growth Partnership Dee House and Amphitheatre Working Group is holding a ‘Dee House: The Future Part One: Sharing the Facts’ event at Grosvenor Museum Lecture Theatre on 4 July, 6-8.30pm.

Residents will be able to hear for themselves the evidence the group has been gathering  over the last eight months so they too are more informed about the factors that will influence options for the building’s future.

The event is already full to capacity but residents will be able to watch it live online by visiting the Council’s website.

A panel, including archaeological experts, will be answering questions from the audience. They will also be answering some questions which have been submitted in advance. If you have been unable to reserve your seat at the event, but have a question about Dee House for the panel, then tweet it using #DeeHouseQA

Questions will be collated and addressed by the panel during the event who will try to get through as many as possible.

Chester Growth Partnership Dee House and Amphitheatre Working Group’s role is to help find options for a long term solution for the derelict building, which will influence the Council’s final decision on the best way forward.