Lighting which illuminates two of Chester’s most important historic and iconic sites has been officially unveiled, dramatically capturing the East Gate clock and a magnificent true to life artistic mural at the amphitheatre.

LED state of the art low energy lighting has been installed at both areas.

The uninspiring creamy light previously used to illuminate the East Gate clock structure has been replaced with a whiter light. Angled spotlights have been chosen to pick out architectural features and the arch of the bridge and the smaller pedestrian arches are lit at ground level with floor mounted lights at street level.

The mural at the Roman amphitheatre has been lit to transform the area at night for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Renowned artist Gary Drostle created the art work in 2010 and worked closely with archaeologists to make sure that his vision of Chester’s amphitheatre was correct in every way.

The projects involve Chester Renaissance working in partnership with Cheshire West and Chester Council.

For several weeks a team from the Council’s Lighting Service has worked with consultants and lighting manufacturers so that the perfect balance between highlighting the architectural richness and ambience of both areas could be created.

Councillor Lynn Riley, Executive Member for Community and Environment said: “The overall effect of the improved lighting is absolutely stunning.

“Not only does it highlight the East Gate clock and amphitheatre as showpieces for Chester but it also raises social safety.

“A great deal of care and attention has been taken to light the clock and mural in the best way and I am sure that they will be enjoyed by local people and visitors.”

Added Steven Broomhead, Chairman of Chester Renaissance: “Both areas have benefited from their new lighting schemes so they are more welcoming to everyone who wants to ‘soak up’ the history of such important venues.

“Care and attention to detail has been taken throughout these schemes and I am sure that artist Gary Drostle will be extremely pleased with the superb lighting at the Amphitheatre.”

The East Gate clock and amphitheatre lighting projects are part of improvement works to provide architectural lighting to a number of iconic structures around Chester to help the city’s night time economy and includes Newgate Bridge and St John’s Church ruins.