St Peter’s Church and a section of Northgate Street in Chester at the side of the church have been closed due to the potentially dangerous state of the church wall.

Since November 2022 Northgate Street and one footpath next to St Peter’s Church wall have been closed to vehicular access.

St Peter’s Church commissioned a structural survey of their church wall adjacent to Northgate Street, and has received the results of this, which they have now shared with the Council.

The church has been judged to be in a potentially dangerous structural condition. Due to potential significant structural issues at that section of the wall, resulting in public safety concerns, and in accordance with Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the street and both footpaths have now been closed until further notice to protect the public. The Council has also issued a notice under Section 77 of the Building Act 1984 (Dangerous Building) to the church.

Today, the church has also been issued with a Prohibition Notice under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. As a result, the church is temporarily closed until further notice due to serious and potentially dangerous structural issues. This is based on evidence that that the church’s east gable wall is seriously compromised.

Signage at the site reflects the closure and alternative access points to Northgate Street. Social media messaging is alerting the public to the closure of the road and footpaths until further notice.

Councillor Karen Shore, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member – Environment, Highways & Strategic Transport said:

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Based on the advice the Council has received from independent specialist structural engineers, it has taken the action to prohibit the use of the church by members of the public until the structural deficiencies are remedied and the building is deemed to be safe for use.

The Council is working closely with St. Peter’s Church to bring about a speedy and safe resolution that will enable us to open the road and footpaths as quickly as possible and allow the church to re-open.

We are also liaising with businesses to minimise any disruption and seeking to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Northgate Street can still be accessed via the steps by Rosie’s or around the corner on Eastgate Street.

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Councillor Shore