Chester, Beverley and Crewe top the list of the 50 best residential locations in the UK, according to a new study by Property Week and CACI.

The UK Hot Housing Index 2015, published today, ranks the top 50 towns and cities around the country and 20 best locations within London based on a range of criteria to determine the best residential locations.

At a time when the average UK property price is more than six times the average household income, the ranking by location specialists CACI combines the affordability of property with data on the overall quality of life within that town, factoring in employment levels, provision of local amenities, schools and connectivity to the internet.

The ranking showed Chester, Beverley and Crewe were the top three locations in the UK, with Barnet, Croydon and Bromley the top three locations in London.

No London locations made the top 50 UK-wide ranking, with Barnet – London’s best location – only coming in in 113th place in the whole of the UK.