The second quarter of 2016 is now underway. Part of the country’s most powerful business confidence survey, it is simple and quick to complete with around 15 tick box questions giving us a valuable insight into what is really happening in your local economy.

Last quarter your responses showed that the economic recovery was slowing in the UK with UK manufacturing and exports generally holding back growth; it also showed that there are critical problems in accessing skilled labour across all sectors. Your QES response allows us as close to a real-time view of the economy as it is possible to get, but the accuracy of the survey is dependent upon the volume of responses, so please do take a couple of minutes to complete the survey.

The survey will end on Monday 13 June, so you have until then to make your views count! With ever-more powerful indicators emerging from this survey on our region’s economic performance, the larger the number of responses from businesses in the region, the greater the power our survey has.

To complete our survey online, visit