Chester has been named by The Times as a key employer in the financial sector in a recent article. The piece, titled ‘Banking jobs are growing faster outside London’, highlighted the city along with others such as Manchester, Bristol and Bournemouth as key locations holding thousands of financial service positions.

The excerpt reads:

Stephen Tarrant, of Morgan McKinley, the financial recruitment consultancy, says it is “absolutely not always the case” that to have a successful career in finance you have to be based in London. “It is well known that London is the world’s leading financial centre, and this is especially true for front-office positions such as sales and trading, investment banking, wealth management, or private equity. But for back-office financial service positions and finance roles in commerce and industry, the reverse is increasingly true,” he says. “Locations such as Manchester, Bristol, Bournemouth and even Chester now hold thousands of financial service positions, and as new European financial regulations result in new jobs being created, this trend is set to continue.”

Source: The Times