Marketing Cheshire has announced plans for a new tourism campaign designed to build awareness, interest and visitation to Chester. In celebration of the way the city and its environs are sometimes perceived by the rest of the UK, the destination campaign is called Perfect Chester. It will launch officially on June 30th.

The #perfectchester campaign will capture and share moments and stories from Chester’s more than 8 million annual visitors.

The campaign will advertise in domestic markets through both print, billboards and radio and will inspire tourist traffic to the city. It is set to demonstrate Chester’s diverse range of experiences, from iconic tourist attractions to events and even chance encounters with well-known Cestrians.

Alison Duckworth, Director of Tourism, Marketing Cheshire said: “Everyone has a perfect Chester moment and we want to capture this very real emotional connection. The mix of traditional and digital media – with a distinct emphasis on social and online sharing are designed to address the ways that our UK travellers now consume media.

She added: “It allows us as a destination to tell stories in a different way and let our visitors share the dialogue. Sharing these experiences may even bring to light some of the city’s more hidden attractions.”

Show the world how perfect Chester is by taking to social media and showing exactly what makes your perfect Chester day #perfectchester