Recclesia Ltd has been hard at work since January carrying out improvements at locations all over the Rows.  They have carried out a range of works including repairs to balustrades to both preserve them and maintain safety on the Rows; restorative decoration to ceilings and walls; stabilising and decluttering walkway bridges; and most recently, overseeing the installation of improved lighting on both the walkway and also the steps. One of the key changes with the lighting is the switch from a ‘cooler’ to a ‘warmer’ temperature. This will help generate a warm ambient feel on the Rows, whilst of course maintaining the light levels required for people’s safety.

All the work carried out has relied on a strong partnership between the Council, the HSHAZ partners, and the professional services engaged to help deliver the improvements.  We are grateful to all those involved, but a special mention is given to Jim from Recclesia, who you may have seen most recently lugging heavy oak boarding around, and then working on its installation in the Rows stall areas. A big shout out to Jim!